We currently provide coverage for the following Canadian Indexes and ETF's

Last updated June 16th, 2009 Subject To Change Without Notice.

.SPTSECP TSX 60 Capped Index
.TSE60 TSX 60 Index
.SPTSECP3 TSX Capped Composite Index
.GSPTSE TSX Composite Index
.GSPTTCD TSX Consumer Discretionary Index
.GSPTTCS TSX Consumer Staples Index
.SPTTEN TSX Energy Index
.GSPRTEN TSX Energy Trust Index
.SPTTFS TSX Financial Services Index
.SPTTGD TSX Gold Index
.GSPTTHC TSX Health Care Index
.GSPRTCM TSX Income Trust Index
.GSPTTIN TSX Industrials Index
.SPTTTK TSX Info Tech Index
.GSPTTMT TSX Materials Index
.GSPTTMN TSX Metals Mining Index
.SPTSEM TSX Midcap Index
.GSPTXPR TSX Preferred Share Index
.GSPTTRE TSX Real Estate Index
.SPTSES TSX Smallcap Index
.GSPTTTS TSX Telecom Services Index
.GSPTTUT TSX Utilities Index
.SPCDNX TSX Venture Composite Index
FERIND TUT Fertilizer Index
NA ASSMAN TUT NA Asset Mangers Index
SILIND TUT Silver Index
URAIND TUT Uranium Index

CLF.TO Claymore 1-5 Yr Laddered Government Bond ET
CBQ.TO Claymore BRIC
COW.TO Claymore Global Agriculture
CPD.TO Claymore S&P/TSX CDN Preferred Share 
HBD.TO COMEX Gold Bullion Bear Plus
HBU.TO COMEX Gold Bullion Bull Plus
HAU.TO DJ-AIG Agricultural Grains Bull Plus
HJD.TO HBP Emerging Mkts Bear Plus ETF
HJU.TO HBP Emerging Mkts Bull Plus ETF
HMD.TO HBP Global Mining Bear ETF
HMU.TO HBP Global Mining Bull ETF
HXD.TO HBP TSX 60 Bear Plus 
HXU.TO HBP TSX 60 Bull Plus
HED.TO HBP TSX Energy Bear Plus
HEU.TO HBP TSX Energy Bull Plus 
HFD.TO HBP TSX Financials Bear Plus
HFU.TO HBP TSX Financials Bull Plus
HGD.TO HBP TSX Gold Bear Plus
HGU.TO HBP TSX Gold Bull Plus
HTD.TO HBP TSX US 30 Year Bond Bear
HDD.TO HBP US Dollar Bear Plus ETF
XBB.TO iShares Can Bond Index Fund
XRE.TO iShares Canadian REIT Fund
XTR.TO iShares Capped Income Trust Index Fund 
XCB.TO iShares CDN Corp Bond Index
XCG.TO iShares CDN Growth Index Fund
XCV.TO iShares CDN Value Index Fund
XIN.TO iShares International C$ Index Fund
XRB.TO iShares Real Return Bond Index Fund
XSP.TO iShares S&P 500 C$ Index Fund
XDV.TO iShares Select Dividend Index Fund
XSB.TO iShares Short Bond Index Fund
XIU.TO iShares TSX 60
XIC.TO iShares TSX Capped Index Fund
XEG.TO iShares TSX Energy
XFN.TO iShares TSX Financials
XGD.TO iShares TSX Gold
XIT.TO iShares TSX Information Tech
XMA.TO iShares TSX Materials Index Fund
XMD.TO iShares TSX MidCap
XCS.TO iShares TSX SmallCap Index Fund
HQD.TO NASDAQ-100 Bear Plus
HQU.TO NASDAQ-100 Bull Plus
HOD.TO NYMEX Crude Oil Bear Plus
HOU.TO NYMEX Crude Oil Bull Plus
HND.TO NYMEX Natural Gas Bear Plus
HNU.TO NYMEX Natural Gas Bull Plus
HSD.TO S&P 500 Bear Plus
HSU.TO S&P 500 Bull Plus