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Charts To Watch - Published Wednesday, March 20, 2013 3:00 PM ET

I know that you have heard about the DOW hitting all-time highs.

It would be very hard to miss all the noise.

Now, I want you to take all the noise and bury it somewhere deep where you can never think about it again.

The Media loves the DOW, the Public loves the DOW, but the Pros never think about the DOW. Never!

I know that sounds like I might be smoking crack, but it is the absolute truth.

It does not matter where you look, you can either look at the futures markets, which is where the REAL Pros play, or look at the ETF market.

The average daily volume for the DOW30 ETF is only 5,760,380 share per day.
For some stocks that number would be huge. But it is just market noise when compared with the S&P 500 or the NASDAQ 100.

The average volume for the S&P 500 ETF is more than 22x the DOW ETF. 130,677,000 share per day.

And take a look at the NASDAQ 100, the average daily volume is 34,120,500, or 6x the DOW ETF.

So which one of these do you want to follow?

Do you want to follow the Media and the Public? Or the Pros?

With the above in mind, last week the S&P 500 ETF came within 1 point of testing the 2007, or all-time high.
So far this week, we have been unable to take out last weeks high.
This is make it or break it time for the US market.

This should be resolved before the end of the month.
All for now.
Stephen Whiteside

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