Stock Market Timing Service


Intermediate Term

The Intermediate Term or Mid Term chart is a stand-alone trading system like the Right Side chart. This chart is designed to look for bigger moves in the market, and is much slower to react than the Right Side chart. The system is very easy to understand, the first close above the trendline (1) is a buy signal. And the first close below the trendline is a sell signal. These trend changes are listed in our nightly reports. When the trend changes, the color of the bars on the chart also change. Blue bars indicate an uptrend (2), while Red bars indicate a downtrend.

This chart also presents the very influential Early Warning Signals (3). These signals are also included in our nightly reports.


Across the bottom of the screen, you will find a Trend oscillator. A market is considered in an uptrend when the oscillator is above the center line, or water line (4). And in a downtrend when below the water line. As with all our indicators, this oscillator turns blue when it's bullish, and red when it's bearish.

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