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Is It Safe? - You may never need this chart!

Pure Psychological Support - The Is It Safe chart was designed to help people who have a tendency to jump back in the market to soon. If you do not have this problem, then you may not need to look at this chart.

The purpose of this chart is to highlight when you should not be a buyer. By masking the charts price bars with a heavy dose of red when the odds of an up move are at their lowest (1), we hope to reinforce the risk of getting in to what at the time, may look like a great opportunity, but is not.

Across the bottom of the screen you will find a series of chevron's, that highlight when the odds of a stock moving higher are high (2), or a stock moving lower is high (3).

Important - These signals, like all signals, do not always indicate the start of a major move. At the same time, we never want to find ourselves caught on the wrong side of them. EVER.

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