Stock Market Timing Service


Price Targets

The purpose of this chart is to give you a road map of where your stock is likely to go. The foundations of this chart go back almost 100 years and were developed by the famous trader W. D. Gann. The lines on this chart are customized to the price action of this particular symbol. Typically a stock will move one or two of these lines at a time. In this example, I have highlighted each 2 line move for this stock (1,2,3,4).You need to examine each chart to see what the characteristics are for that specific symbol. If I am buying a stock, I will come to this chart and count two lines up to see where this stock is likely to go on the next move. I will also look to the left, to see where the significant areas of Support and Resistance have been in the past.

At the bottom of the chart, you will see volume bars. Blue bars show volume on up days, and red bars show volume on down days. The line, running across these bars (5) shows a 20 day moving average of volume.

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