Canadian Silver Miners Index Canadian Silver Miners Index is a price-weighted average of a basket of 36 Canadian Silver Mining and Exportation companies.

Sample Weekly Chart Canadian Silver Miners Index

Stocks in this index have been selected based on our subscriber’s interest, and their addition to this index should not be considered an endorsement. At the time of this posting, the index included the following stocks.

ABI.V Abcourt Mines 
AGQ.V Arian Silver
APE.V Apogee Minerals 
AXR.TO Alexco Resource 
CCM.TO Canarc Resource 
CDM.TO Coeur d'Alene Mines
CLZ.V Canasil Resources
CZN.TO Canadian Zinc 
DIB.V Dia Bras Explorer
ECU.TO ECU Silver Mining
EDR.TO Endeavour Silver 
EXN.TO Excellon Resources
FAN.TO Farallon Resources
FR.TO First Majestic Silver
FVI.V Fortuna Silver 
GAM.TO Gammon Lake Resources
GGC.TO Genco Resources 
GPR.TO Great Panther Resources
IAU.TO Intrepid Mines 
IPT.V Impact Silver 
MFL.TO Minefinders 
MSV.TO Minco Silver
ORM.V Oremex Resources 
PAA.TO Pan American Silver 
RDV.TO Redcorp Ventures 
RVM.TO Revett Minerals
SBB.V Sabina Silver
SLW.TO Silver Wheaton
SNS.V Strategic Nevada Resources 
SPM.TO Scorpio Mining
SSO.TO Silver Standard 
SVL.V Silvercrest Mines 
SVM.TO Silvercorp Metals
UC.V UC Resources 
YNG.TO YGC Resources 

Please note

This index is updated daily, and our proprietary charts are made available to our paid subscribers only

This list is subject to change at any time.

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