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Smart Money Alerts

The Panic Zone Chart allows us to focus on low risk buying opportunities. These opportunities are confirmed when we see positive price movement, as tracked by the Right Side Chart. The Smart Money Chart tracks, who is in control of the price movement of this stock. Is it the Pros, or is it the general investing Public?

While the Public can get excited about a stock, and cause a short term up movement in the price, sustainable trends will only develop if the Pros take control.

Smart Money Alerts
The Blue line (1) tracks the movement of the Pros, while the Red line tracks the movement of the investing Public (2). In this example we can see at the lefthand side of the chart, that the pros gave up control in July, and the stock fell until the Pros took control again in late November. Changes in Who Is In Control, are reported in our nightly and weekly reports.

This chart also contains a simple three line trend channel (3), to keep track of who's winning. And we also track Bullish (4) and Bearish (5) chart patterns, they often alert us to a top or bottom in the market. These chart patterns are also reported in our daily and weekly reports.

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