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Stock Market Timing Newsletter -Published Thursday, March 24, 2011, 8:00am ET

A breakout above 1300 takes us up to 1312.50. Stock features in this presentation include AXP,American Express,BCS,Barclays,COF,Capital One,DFS,Discover Financial ServicesMA MasterCard,V,Visa,CVX,Chevron,XOM,Exxon Mobil PAAS,Pan American Silver, and SLW,Silver Wheaton

BreakDown Lines
INDU  DJ Industrial Average  11,854
.RUT  Russell 2000   795.17
.ZAX  Zacks Micro Cap Index  2613.70
.XOI  AMEX Oil Index   1305.56
.XAU  Gold/Silver Index  203.97
.DJT  DJ Transports   5015.85
US.F  30 Y US Treasury Bonds   121.87
CU.F  Euro FX    1.39
JJC  iPath DJ AIG Copper ETN  56.43
GLD  SPDR Gold Shares  137.68
SLV  iShares Silver Trust  34.09
UGA  United States Gasoline  47.60
UNG  United States Natural Gas  10.65
USO  United States Oil  40.51

BreakOut Lines
.VIX  VIX - S&P 500    23.68
.SPX  S&P 500 Index   1298.95
.NDX  Nasdaq 100 Index  2281.86
.BIX  S&P Bank Index   150.82
.SOX  Semiconductor Index  431.24
DX.F  US Dollar Index   .7673

Intra Day BreakOut Lines
.VIX  VIX - S&P 500    19.94
Intra Day BreakDown Lines
.SPX  S&P 500 Index   1291.51


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