"What If I Could Show You A Simple 3 Step Approach To Stock Market Investing, That Would Let You Buy Low & Sell High, Stay On The Right Side Of The Major Market Moves, And Make Sure That You Are Always In Sync With The Pros, Would You Be Interested In Learning More?"



Stephen Whiteside

From: Stephen Whiteside
Date: Tuesday, 09. August 2011

Dear Fellow Investor,

Welcome to the TheUpTrend.com.  If you're reading this, then you're probably not 100% satisfied with your current investing results. Or maybe you are, but you are curious to find out if there is anything out there that could give you an additional advantage, and help improve your investing results. Well, you have come to right place.

I realize that your time is very valuable, so let me cut to the chase, and can see if my service may be able to help you.

TheUpTrend.com is a charting service that gives you access to my personal proprietary charts, that can help you get unique insights into the market, that you will not find anywhere else.

What we are not, is a stock picking service, we are a stock market timing service.

We are focused on helping investors who know what stocks they want to follow, and help them to follow their stocks through the complete stock market cycle.

Here's what we do for you:


Spot Low Risk Situations Early
Give Advanced Warnings Of Trend Changes
Give Buy Signals When Trend Changes Take Place
Confirm The Smart Money Is Taking Control
Set Price Targets
Spot High Risk Situations Early
Confirm The Smart Money Is Giving Up Control
Give Sell Signals When Trend Changes Take Place

If this sounds interesting, then let me walk you through a recent example.

Spot Low Risk Situations Early

                                          Low Risk Situations occur when we see both                                      Panic Selling and new Pressure Zones develop.

Get Advanced Warnings Of Trend Changes

Buy & Sell Signals When Trend Changes Take Place

We buy on the first close above the channel, and sell on the first close below the channel.

Confirm Smart Money Is Taking Control

We want to be buyers when the Pros are taking control of our stocks.

Know Your Price Targets In Advance

We give you Daily and Weekly Resistance and Support targets.

I have been watching the stock market for over 30 years now, and I started trading commodities back in 1985, I have been developing trading systems since 1987, and while I have access to an unlimited number of charts and analytical tools, my strategy is based on  a very simple 3 Step Formula.

  1. I watch the same stocks all the time and only consider buying them when a new Low Risk Opportunity has developed. This is called the Setup.

  2. Only when a new Low Risk Opportunity has developed, do we then start to watch the daily charts for signs that this stock is turning around, and only buy after we see enough Positive Price Action, to generate a new buy signal. Positive Price action is our Catalyst.

  3. Positive Price action is only one step in the formula, but unless the Pros are coming back to take control, I have no business buying this stock. A stock may rise in price based on the public thinking they have found a bargain, but no trend in history has ever developed without the Pros coming in and taking control. The Pros taking control is our Confirmation.

Setup  Catalyst  Confirmation

Here is a recent example of how my system works.

The Setup

We had Panic Selling, and a new Pressure Zone form, which gave us our setup.

The Catalyst

First we had a new Early Warning, and then came the Buy Signal.

(All of our charts are color coded, Blue = Up Trend, Red = Down Trend, and have been reduced in c

The Confirmation

The Pros had given up on this stock back in early August, and now they were coming back to take control.



What We Don't Do!

1 We don't do Fundamental Analysis:

Everything we do at TheUpTrend.com is based on my proprietary technical analysis.

We do not look at or talk about news, rumors, upgrades, downgrades, research reports, bulletin board chatter or a company's financial statements to make a buy or sell decision.

We do believe that Fundamental Analysis is important, as you should make sure you understand why you are following one stock over another, but it has very little to do with when you should actually buy or sell a stock.

2 This is not a stock picking service.

This site is a stock market timing service, where we focus on when to buy and sell stocks.

Our service will not help you make the choice between following Coke or Pepsi, Apple or Dell, or Ford or GM, but it will help you know when to get in and when to get out of each one of these stocks.

3 We do not provide personal investment advice.

Need help planning for your retirement, need to know what you should do about tax loss selling, need help balancing your portfolio, or looking for a hot stock tip? Sorry, this is not the place.

We only talk about one topic, our stock charts.

Long Term Analysis:
So far all I have shown you is daily charts, but we also provide Weekly charts for all the stocks, indexes and ETF's that we cover.

Take a look at this weekly chart of the S&P 100 showing the Low Risk Opportunity Zones.  Can you see why I would be able to go on TV in July and say that I was the most Bullish I had been since October 2005?

Or what about on this chart of the NASDAQ?

Or what about this chart of the US Insurance Sector?

While the market is able to give us an unlimited amount of opportunities each day, my mission is to only focus on the "Low Risk Opportunities."

We base our daily activity on what the Weekly charts are telling us. When Low Risk Situations Develop, we get cash and go shopping. When High Risk Situations Develop, we move to cash or start looking for Shorting Opportunities.

I Have Spent The Last 6 Years Teaching Investors Just Like You, How To Stay On The Right Side Of The Major Market Moves.

Back in 1998 I started a web site called JustBiotechs.com, where I showed investors how they could use technical analysis to make money in the biotech sector. Unfortunately, what started out as a part time project, became a full time job as subscribers kept asking to add coverage for non Biotech stocks. By the time we reached over 200 non Biotech stocks, I knew that we could not call ourselves JustBiotechs.com any longer. So on April 1, 2001 I launched TheUpTrend.com.

Why call it TheUpTrend.com?  

Back in 2001 the stock market was falling apart, but the average investor was still buying the dips, without any consideration for what the Weekly charts were telling us.

With the market falling, this might not have been the best time to start a new stock market service, but we did.

So by calling my site TheUpTrend.com, I wanted to reinforce one of the most basic concepts of successful investing:  that you only want to buy stocks that are actually going up, not stocks that you 'Think" might go up. At the time I was mostly focused on the Canadian market, and trying to keep people out of stocks like Nortel, was much harder than you could imagine.

Since 2001 I've worked with thousands of subscribers from all over the world, at all experience levels, and from all walks of life.

In most cases, I have actually had the pleasure to speak with most of them on the phone, as we are one of the only stock market services in the world, that actually does training over the phone, and it is included in the membership price. (Actually, we try to do our One On One Tutorials during the 30 day free trial, so you can get up to speed as quickly as possible, and also confirm whether our service is really right for you or not.)

It has been a very exciting 6 years.

I still remember the day back in 2002 when I first Googled myself, and TheUpTrend.com. It was kind of hard to find us all the way back on page 24.

Now when you search for something like Canadian Biotech Stocks, we also come up #1, or Canadian Gold Stocks, what do you know, we also come up #1.

And we also come up #1 for Canadian Stock Market Trends, Canadian Stock Research, and Canadian Market Timing.

Not bad for our little charting service!

But what if your not from Canada?

We are currently #6 on Google for Stock Trends out of 31,700,000 results.

"I just played your nightly letter with audio commentary and I applaud this format! Charting services are everywhere on the web, from brokerages, specialized sites etc. Keep adding your personal touch/tutorials/improvements- we all know markets are constantly changing and having a pro who is also adapting is a value proposition. Please let me know how to extend our subscription or put it on auto-renewal."

Ralph Pascualy
Seattle, Washington

I just can't thank you enough for the great work you do at your website. When a colleague suggested to me almost a year ago to check out The Uptrend, I was very much struggling and thought I had better look into it. That has turned out to be one of the best decisions that I have ever made. My trading has improved drastically and I am very excited about 2006 and beyond."

Paul Stephenson
In House Trader - Toronto, Ontario

"I really appreciate the time and effort you put into those weekly charts. I trade commodities and I find your analysis is a valuable addition to my own especially the panic zone charts. Your site is real value added for me and for the rest of your subscribers. Keep up the good work."

Cheers, Denis
Ottawa, Ontario

Besides looking after my UpTrend subscribers, I have written a nightly column for both BayStreet.ca and myTELUS, and a weekly column for eResearch. My research has been featured on various financial web sites and national publications, including Stockhouse and the National Post. I have also appeared as a guest on Garth Turner's Investment Television and Richard Infantino's PrimeTime Money weekly radio show.

And for real excitement in the morning, I am now into my third year as a guest on Report On Business Television doing the Market Lookahead with Bridgitte Anderson. (Even after 3 years, each appearance scares me to death.)

Would You Be Willing To Follow 3 Simple Steps To Dramatically Reduce Risk And Increase Your Profits?

One of the things that we all have in common, is that we have been conditioned to be buyers from a very early age. Everyday we are bombarded by tens of thousands of commercial messages that try to push every emotional button we have to trigger us to part with out hard earned money. This conditioning has turned us into a society of buyers.

Now what does all this have to do with investment success?

The average investor is very good at acting on a buy signal, but not very comfortable taking a sell signal.

If you don't believe this, then why did the majority of investors around the world ride the markets all the way down to the bottom?

We are born to buy, but where do we learn when to sell?

Wall Street won't tell you when to sell, Bay Street won't tell you, the media won't tell you, and neither will most stock brokers or most financial advisors.

And this is an area where most investors need the most support.

At TheUpTrend, selling is the same 3 step process we use to buy,  in reverse.

First we watch our Panic Zone charts for signs that we may be seeing Panic Buying, and a possible market top.

Then we look for Early Warning Signals, which you can see circled below. These signals are confirmed, when the bars on the chart turn Red, and we close below the lower trend channel line. A close below the trend channel gives us a new sell signal.

And lastly, we watch the Pros.

Our Smart Money Alerts tell us which way the Pros are heading. We want to buy when they are taking control of a stock, and sell when they are giving up control of a stock.

And once again, the cycle of the market continues. We are looking to Buy Low when Low Risk Situations present themselves, and to Sell High, when High Risk situation present themselves.

And we want to do it over and over and over again and again.

So How Do We Follow The Smart Money?

In our world, there are only two types of investors, the Public (or what some people call the Dumb Money) and the Pros (Smart Money). When we get a new buy signal for either a daily or weekly system, we validate that signal by looking at what the Pros are doing. If we can get positive price movement, backed up by positive movement by the Pros, then your chances of success are greatly increased. 

Prices can move up, and you can get new buy signals with just the public's money, but no sustained trend has ever lasted without the Pros stepping forward and taking CONTROL!

Take a look at the following charts. The Pros are represented by the Blue line, and the Public by the Red line. When the Pros overtake the Public, we often see increased buying and additional positive price movement. The opposite is also true. When the Pros walk away from a stock, we will often see additional selling and lower prices. We always want the Pros on our side.

What Other Charts Do You Use?

This chart tries to answer the question, Is It Safe?

We use this chart as a visual filter, to make sure we are not buying too soon, when the chart is still shaded Red.

And we also have a daily and weekly chart called Fly Paper, which tells us where we can find long term Resistance and Support.

What Stocks Do We Cover?

I strongly believe in the 80/20 rule, which tells us that 80% of a market's activities are made by only 20% of the stocks in that market. So we focus our efforts on that 20%.

We cover all the popular stocks in all the major US and Canadian Indexes. We also cover all the major ETF's, Indexes and Futures. In total, we currently have close to 2,000  listings.

You can easily pick and choose which stocks you want to follow and place them in your own personal portfolios or watch lists.

How Often Do We Update The Charts?

We publish 7 daily charts each night before 8PM New York time Monday through Thursday. On Friday we publish our 7 daily and 7 weekly charts  before 11 PM.

Take Your First Step Towards Increasing Your Stock Market Results and Reducing Your Risk TODAY!

As you may have already assumed, all of our charts are color coded: Blue  being positive, and Red being negative.

And you may have also assumed, that our charts are actually much larger than what you see on this page.

To see what our actual charts look like, please click here.

So What Else Do You Need To Know?

Quick Start Tutorials

We offer a set of online Multimedia Tutorials to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

And we do daily Over My Shoulder Tutorials to highlight stocks in the news, and show you how our charts worked on those stocks.

Join My Exclusive, Limited Group Of Serious Investors

TheUpTrend is not for everyone.

We can't help everyone, you must be an independent investor who knows what stocks you want to follow, and then we can help you get in and get out.

What if you followed Apple Computer? Is this for you?

Low Risk Opportunity Zones

Follow The Trend

Follow The Smart Money

And When Is It Safe, and When Is It Not?

But It's Not All About Making Money, It's Also About Avoiding Bad Stocks, And Staying Safe!

What happens when a stock that you follow is not doing well?

You can either avoid it, or short it.

Low Risk Opportunity Zones

The Trend Is Our Friend

And where are the Pros going?

And when was it Safe?

If you think this type of analysis can help you, then I invite you to claim your 30 day free trial, and get a better look at what we really do.

"After reading last night's newsletter and examining your new chart offering, I finally decided to write you with a compliment I've considered since first subscribing to The Uptrend. Your ability to turn thoughtful technical analysis into strong visual presentations--unique charting approaches--is nothing short of amazing, indeed second to none, from what I have seen.

I'm one of these people who have sampled dozens of stock and option subscription services over the last 7-10 years, looking not so much for the Holy Grail, but for a reasonably straightforward, generally reliable approach to market assessment and decision support. Yours is one of the few services that I think is a keeper for good! I love your analytical agility, your continual exploration for fresh and effective ways of presenting market action, your creativity, and your willingness to share that boundless creativity with subscribers like me at very reasonable prices.

Meantime, thank you so, so much again for your terrific talents and outstanding service!"

R Mattson
Mukilteo, WA

Because I Have Limited Time Each Day To Do One-On -One Tutorials,
I Am Looking For Serious Investors Only

Yes, when you sign up for your One On One Telephone Tutorial, you will actually be speaking with me.  This is not something I delegate, or have outsourced overseas, its just you and me for 1 hour on the phone, either during market hours, or on designated weekends each month.

And I pay for the phone call in North America and Europe.

For the rest of the world, we use Skype.

And what happens during this live tutorial? It's up to you.

In most cases, we pick one or two of your favorite stocks, and work our way chart by chart, and examine each one together.

So as you can see, I really need to filter out anyone who is not serious, or does not fit our target audience.

"You are amazing. You are constantly trying to improve on your service. You charts are second to none and I have seen many, your insight is very powerful. I wanted to say thank you and I wonder if other traders know how fortunate they are if they have found your service.

In my opinion it is not only the money you have helped people make that is important but the money you have saved them from losing on other services and books, etc. If I had found your service 5 yrs ago when I began trading, it would have saved me thousands. I think that people who find it can stop looking because you provide something for everyone and that is hard to find.

Thanks again and I can’t wait to see what improvements you have in the future. Good luck and good trading."

William B Bradberry*
Elbert, Colorado

"You CAN'T Lose With My 30-90-Day Personal 100% Money Back Guarantee!"

(Applies to those of you who sign up on our yearly plans.)

And for those of you who choose to sign up to our month-to-month plan, you can simply cancel at any time after your 30 day free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions
About TheUpTrend.com

Q: What stocks do you follow?
A: We follow all the major North American stocks. If your stock is part of any major Index, we follow it.
Q: Do you ever add new stocks?
A: Yes, all the time. Just like the major indexes, who are continually updating the stocks they track, so are we. As a member, you can suggest a stock that you think we should consider at any time. We will be happy to evaluate it.
Q: When do you update your charts and reports?
A: We publish 7 daily charts each night before 7PM New York time Monday through Thursday. And on Friday we publish our 7 daily and 7 weekly charts  before 11 PM. We do send out an email notification whenever the site has been updated.
Q: Do you publish a newsletter?
A: Yes, we publish a short newsletter each night, and a Weekly Big Picture newsletter on Mondays. 
Q: Are there  any specific system requirements?
A: You should have a High Speed Internet Connection, a monitor that can display 1024x768, speakers, and Internet Explorer.
Q: Do you ever take a vacation?
A: We are closed over Christmas, a few days over the Easter holiday, and for 2 weeks in August.

So This Is It, If You Made It This Far, Then It's Time To Sign Up For Your 30 Day Free Trial.


YES, Stephen! I'm Ready To Sign Up and see if your service is right for me!

For 2007, we now have a new Month to Month program that lets you pay as you go, for only $34.95 per month, after your 30 Day Free Trial. (1 Free Trial per 24 month period.)

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"One of the things I have done in the past few years is conduct several hundred workshops all over North America in developing people in the area of "Coaching" Skills".

You have good coaching skills .... good listener into the white spaces ..... good at while helping them to see "New Possibilities".

I enjoyed our chat today and I got some good coaching & insights.

Thanks Bill Mooney"

B Mooney*
Renfrew, Ontario, Canada

"Thanks you for the excellent advices with your UpTrend System. I have completed my first swing trade win...[buy at the bottom and sell at the near top of the Panic Zone chart].

I made three purchases from Nov. 17,nov 23 and Dec. 2 and sold everything on Dec. 15-05. All in less than a month for a net profit of $9,090.00. I am now working with 3 new swing stages...hoping for some of the same great results next year.

Thanks you again for your service and advice."

J-Y Tremblay*
Gloucester, Ontario, Canada

"Stephen, any man who is as dedicated as you are to the Up Trend membership never needs to apologize for what any reason. I can only surmise the hours you keep and what it must take to keep your site up to the high standards you have maintained. What you are striving to do, as I see it, is the ongoing development of a superior trading website which will benefit all manner of people regardless of trading ability. It is we who should cater to you and be understanding and try not to overburden you.

I determined quite a while ago that you were a very professional and successful trader and had, at some point in your life, made a very generous decision to allow the public to become involved in your trading activities. I hope your membership appreciates what you are doing on a daily basis by assisting them in becoming better traders and investors. "

D Budd*
Vancouver, BC

Disclaimer: Stock, and options trading is not appropriate for everyone. There is a substantial risk of loss associated with trading these markets. Losses can and will occur. No system or methodology has ever been developed that can guarantee profits or ensure freedom from losses. No representation or implication is being made that using the TheUpTrend.com methodology or system will generate profits or ensure freedom from losses.

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